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Publication Date: January 22, 2012...

The year is 2143
After her insubordination and the erasure of five years of her memory – Jo Starska, the captain of a military shuttle Luna, is discharged from military service along with three other commandos by the decision of the Senate
...and exiled back to Earth, most of it now ruled by the Terrorist State. They are each placed in a different corner of the globe and prohibited ever coming in contact with each other.
Commando Alec Ross is sent to Kyoto, Japan, where he is given a position at the city prefecture and helps minimize the damage caused by sulphur hexafluoride. He studies human mutations caused by the compound and its widespread environmental effect.
Commodore Charles Levi is reassigned to Langley where he is charged with retrieving valuable data from former CIA archives. In secret, however, he continues his search for Kaminsky, the caliph of the Terrorist State.
David Scarr finds himself in Old Cairo, Egypt, where he contributes to the city’s reconstruction. Meanwhile, Jo Starska ends up on Fuerteventura, to what end, however, nobody knows.
The UN President approaches an experienced tracker, Victor Berg, and asks him to reassemble the commando team and charge them with one last mission which, should they be successful, they will earn back their place on-board their beloved shuttle. The job is to track down and eliminate Kaminsky... Will they manage?
Dont waste your time... Join them.