About Me 

Madlen Namro was born in Lodz, Poland. When she was seven, maybe eight years old, children in her school used to call her Pippi Longstocking, because she would always make up stories and generally pull everyone’s leg all the time. In fact her daydreams of being a writer got serious enough for her parents to be called to school. The teacher downright told them that the best way to deal with it would be to make her commit it all to paper. So, when she was around nine, her first book was written, it was called “Talking Dog and Me”. That’s how her adventure with writing begun. She’s always seemed to have a rather lively imagination and making up stories has always been her second nature, something she never had trouble with. She believes it to be a gift from God and one that she was meant to use.

The publication in 2008 of her novel entitled ‘Commandos’ allowed her to fulfil her dream of becoming a sci-fi writer. The book’s action-packed and vivid plot engross the reader and place him in the very middle of events which are about to determine the fate of 22nd century Earth. As we read through passages describing the captivating chase after the psychopathic terrorist leader, we may forget that the image of such a world becoming an alarmingly familiar reality is not necessarily that farfetched. Despite Madlen Namro’s skilful storytelling, some of the described events may not appeal to the more sensitive audiences simply for the fact that they may upset their complacency and regard for our “glorious” civilisation and the direction of its development. We, humans, believe ourselves to be the supreme race, entitled to exclusive power over the natural world, animals and the planet’s natural resources. And yet, the author dispels our inherent illusions and shows us her vision of the world of 2143 – a brutal battleground on which the ever more powerful terrorist organisations are but a step away from claiming absolute control over the planet. We could see the novel as a form of news report from the future which lays bare the most despicable traits of the human race. At the same time, however, amidst the intricate and lethal technology and the cold, deadly expertise of the free Earth’s defenders, in all the hatred they cannot help but feel for the terrorists, a glimpse of the better side of the human condition can be found as well. Despite all the death and violence, love and friendship lose nothing of their strength and appeal.

Certainly, none of us would ever want such a world to come to pass... This interesting book is Madlen’s warning, intended to sober hot heads of various sects and religious groups, their leaders in particular.

But just because her story takes place in the future, it does not mean characters can be deprived of such basic emotions and feelings as love or hate. However advanced our technology may become, people will still be people. Although she does realize the people of today could sooner be called homo economicus than homo sapiens. At times she gets the impression that they’re little more than androids, controlled by the manipulative media, or robots whose only goal is endless consumption. Some might say the modern man is somewhat deprived of ideals, goals or even feelings. But she still strongly believes that it is not the case. That is why she does not deprive her characters of these qualities either. They are all ordinary people, struggling with various dilemmas. The secret of creating a bond between a character in a book and the reader lies in allowing the latter to somehow relate to the former, to sympathize with them. The more emotional our connection with the characters, the better our reading experience.

Her books are universal. They can be read in any place in the world. What matters to her the most is making her readers realize that the future is entirely up to them. Today’s choices may have a great impact on the reality of tomorrow. The Terrorist State she writes about in her trilogy is,(less))