How much does a Heart cost? 
Spiritual teachers of the Far East and West teach that the material reality which we experience with our senses is only an illusion. A person, who understands that apart from being a physical creature he or she is also a creature of spirit, creates in one’s mind positive thoughts and images and by that can steer one’s life in a more effective manner. Therefore the image of the world is a resultant of reflections of all the people. But sometimes the problems, which are mostly created by us, are too overwhelming. We cannot cope. Especially when we are “bombarded” with additional negative information about quarrelling politicians, tragedies and consumerism. We need to show a lot of strong will to keep that away from us and open up, especially towards others. There is one country in which once a year all hearts open. It’s Poland – a country most of you probably associate with Pope John Paul II, Walesa, Boniek or… Polish vodka. These stereotypes are associated with this country. But Poles have something more. They call it the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. One day a year more than 120,000 volunteers put aside their daily tasks, take special collecting boxes and collect money for the whole day on the streets of the cities, in busses, trams, cinemas, shops and at various parties. All the artists on this day play various concerts for free. There is just one aim – to collect as much money as possible in order to help. When the donors put money in the collecting box they receive little red hearts from the volunteers. A heart is a symbol of this action. The fun lasts all day all the way to the Grand Finale broadcast on TV, during which there is an auction of various things, but especially the “Golden Hearts”. The nation-wide bidding for the limited series of golden hearts is broadcast live. During this year’s Finale the golden heart with the number “1” was auctioned for 351.984,93 USD! Together there was over 6.000.000 USD collected for purchasing medical equipment for hospitals across all of Poland. The culmination of the day is always the “Light sent to heaven” – a firework display starting at 8 p.m. sharp, which lights up the sky above all Poland. This is the moment when Polish hearts would be best visible from Space. Is there any other country which would raise money in such a joint way? Maybe it is worth to follow the Pole’s example. 19 years ago just one man came up with the idea of organising the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity proving that every single one of us can start up their own “playing”. We dream of the times when money raising won’t be needed any more and the hearts won’t have to be bought. If we want our homeland to be the way we want it to be, we should not only help each-other but also create in our minds an image and combine it with the desire for it to happen. This is what the spiritual leaders of the Far East and West teach us: Our future will be exactly how we contrive it.

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